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Switching keyboard? T520 -> T530

Hello everyone,


I have a technical question.


I'm new to Thinkpad and just bought a new T520. (was going to get T530 but read about the fan noise issue which seems not resolved yet).


I found myself disliking the traditional style T520 keyboard.  I keep hitting the red dot when typing "g",

my finger nails, though short, tend to scratch the lower part of neighboring keys (ex). "u" when I type "j")

I've been a blind typer for 15 yrs and this keyboard requires too much nerve & energy.


Anyhow, do you know if I can switch the T520's keyboard with T530's w/out problem?

I know I can buy T530's keyboard online but I have to be sure before I do.


I read somewhere on Google, might have to change the BIOS.

And my local Lenovo tech. dealer said he's never done it but he's not sure if the cables are the same

for T520 & T530.


If a Lenovo's Sr. moderator would have any info., I would very much appreciate it!


thank you!

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Switching keyboard? T520 -> T530

It's not possible

Bit Torrent
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Re: Switching keyboard? T520 -> T530

Your nails are still far too long.

Cut them, problems solved!
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