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SynTPEnh driver version is taking up a high amount of memory / eats up the memory


When using TouchPad / TrackPoint, the process SynTPEnh.exe is taking a high amount of memory after a long period of usage.





NOTE: A newer version of the UltraNav software is available. Check on http://support.lenovo.com

or run System Update to get the latest version.


Issue solved after upgrading to UltraNav version and above


Support link here

 - (New) Added support for ThinkPad X220,X220i,X220 Tablet,X220i Tablet.
 - (New) Added support for ThinkPad Edge E220s,E420,E520.
 - (Fix) Fixed an issue where the wheel setting in the Mouse properties would
         revert to the same setting as before when scrolling on the Internet
 - (Fix) Fixed an issue where the memory usage rate continued to increase by


If driver has been installed and Device Manager is showing an older version of Synaptics driver. Please delete the following folder from the path


Delete folder C:\Drivers\WIN\UNAV


Then run installer again. If drivers updated successfully, the driver would look like the following.


mouse drv.JPG

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jemstar On 2012-10-12, 7:05 AM

The installation of this new version of the Synaptics driver does resolve the memory leak issue, but makes the touchpad almost unusable. There is a severe reduction in its sensitivity. Simple tapping motions are a lot harder. I had to uninstall the driver to make ny T420 usable again...

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