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T-570 Slow Performance, Terrible video

Running I7 7600 with 16gb of ram & Samsung 850 SSD, made sure most background services where off also 570 just seems slow and laggy.


Here is my T-570 benchmark results this laptop is very slugish my W520 with same Samsung 850 SSD was much snappier and responsive. I ran the benchmark on AC power at 100% power setting, anyone else having performance issues? The CPU scores are not real hot either

CPU throttled at 96% by Windows. Ensure maximum processor state is set to 100%
via Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings > Change plan
settings > Change advanced power settings > Processor power management > Maximum
processor state.



8.79% is a very low 3D score (GTX 1070 = 100%). This GPU can only handle very
basic 3D games but it's fine for general computing tasks.


Boot Drive
93.8% is a very good SSD score. This drive is suitable for moderate workstation
use, it will facilitate fast boots, responsive applications and ensure minimum
IO wait times.



16GB is enough RAM to run any version of Windows and it's more than sufficient
for nearly all games. 16GB also allows for very large file and system caches,
software development and batch photo editing/processing.

OS Version
Windows 10 is the most recent version of Windows, and the best to date in our opinion.

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