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Fanfold Paper
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T400 - Bluetooth Software - Unattended Install instructions/procedure required.

Hi all,

This is technically not a problem but an information request.

I need the info because it will save me making a more clunky solution and I know that it exists because the factory preload must have used SOME method to get this working automatically.

I know I have written a lot but its all relevant and I dont want someone from Lenovo to have to ask me three times for missing info so I have listed everything.


ThinkPad T40 [6474-R1U]
I have two T400 "prototypes" to work with in making the current corporate image work on this platform.
One has the test corporate image and one has the XP factory preload installed on it.
The SATA, sysprep, drivers, webcam-reboot-issue, etc have all been fixed and its gotten to a point where the Device Manager is clean as a whistle and no errors.

I am not new to this as our corporate image is my sole responsibility and it works perfectly on 7 different hardware platforms, 4 of which are laptops.

At the end of the re-image, the following software will be "silently" installed in the specified order ONLY if the system is detected to be a 6474-class Lenovo.

    [1] ACPI Power Management                    SETUP.EXE -S -SMS    N/A
    [2] Hotkey Utility                  
        SETUP.EXE /S         N/A
    [3] Lenovo System Interface Driver  
        SETUP.EXE /S         N/A
    [4] Keyboard Customizer Utility     
        SETUP.EXE -S -SMS    [1] & [2]
    [5] Presentation Director            
        SETUP.EXE -S -SMS    [1] & [2] & [3]
    [6] ThinkVantage Access Connections          SETUP.EXE -S -SMS    [1] & [2]
    [7] Power Manager                            SETUP.EXE -S -SMS    N/A
    [8] Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate Software    N/A                  N/A

All drivers are from Lenovo, the second field is the silent install command line and the third is the dependency table.


As you can see, I dont have a method to do the silent install of the Bluetooth software.

I have tried SETUP.EXE -S -SMS and SETUP.EXE /S in the main folder and the Win32 sub-folder of the driver folder but no dice.
It doesnt do anything and leaving it sitting there for a while and then rebooting doesnt show the Bluetooth software installed after the reboot so I know it isnt working.

The SETUP.EXE -S -SMS switch is common to all software that uses InstallShield for installation as opposed to Lenovo proprietary software which uses the /S switch and the Bluetooth sofware DOES use InstallShield but the silent switch doesnt work.

The link on the website for the Bluetooth driver software is the ONLY driver I encountered that didnt list a silent method of installing it and there is no SW1.XML file in the driver folder either. I am pretty sure that the SW1.XML file is the file that the factory preload uses to install software after the PCI device enumeration.

Doing it manually [Setup.exe,Next,Next,etc,Finish] works like a charm and doesnt even require a reboot as the drivers were automatically installed during the Mini-Setup portion after the sysprep/re-image.

The best option would be for someone from Lenovo to let me know the command I need to run to get the silent option to install the Bluetooth software. 


A secondary option would be for Lenovo to help me with the following in terms of procedure or just giving me the CMD files mentioned below. 


On the laptop that has the factory preload, the swtools folder contains the drivers installed on that model and it has the same Bluetooth driver as on the website in that it has no SW1.XML or unattended information.


I came across the following file in its root folder which has some interesting info: c:\swtools\modules.log

Almost at the beginning are these entries


? evaluating filters for 4gglw6a1 - thinkpad bluetooth software for helike
? - filter returned true
? filter expression result is true

? evaluating filters for 4glth2a1 - thinkpad ms bluetooth inf for helike - copy only - lc
? - filter returned true
? filter expression result is true

searching for blue, the following entries much later in the file reference the ones above....

Thu 12/11/2008 23:04:28.84 Starting c:\swwork\other\4gglw6a1.cmd
ThinkPad Bluetooth Software for Helike
Thu 12/11/2008 23:06:12.29 Finished c:\swwork\other\4gglw6a1.cmd

Thu 12/11/2008 23:16:21.34 Starting c:\swwork\network\4glth2a1.cmd
ThinkPad MS Bluetooth INF for Helike - Copy Only - LC
Thu 12/11/2008 23:16:21.46 Finished c:\swwork\network\4glth2a1.cmd

Obviously having these CMD files at hand would be nice but the folder swwork referenced there doesnt exist as it was probably deleted after the preload process was completed.

I have a Ghost image of the factory preload when its "fresh" on the hard drive and hasnt been booted up even once.
I made it right after I slapped the pre-load on but before I booted it the first time.

I can re-image that laptop with that image and pause it before the deletion of that folder if it would help in me seeing the file in DOS [Winternals Remote Recover] but I would still need to know when to stop it, etc.

Thanks in advance. :-)

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T400 - Bluetooth Software - Unattended Install instructions/procedure required.

Because of the overwhelming response [snicker, snicker] I received to my missive, I have decided to answer it myself.

I still dont know what commmand Lenovo's factory preload uses and I will try and re-image the factory preload laptop as described above and try to find the exact command line but until then, this is a confirmed working solution.

The folder c:\swtools\drivers\tpbtooth\Win32 on the factory preload has a file called BTW.msi in it.


If you extract the driver manually on your own XP install, its the Win32 subfolder of the extracted driver root folder.


Run the following command and it does the install quietly for you and doesnt allow command processing to continue until it is done.

start /wait msiexec /i c:\swtools\drivers\tpbtooth\Win32\BTW.msi /qn

Once the install is complete, you can either double-click the Bluetooth icon in the Control Panel to initialize the drivers or run the following command to do so.


Solution for the main install was on this page:

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T400 - Bluetooth Software - Unattended Install instructions/procedure required.

Original command line obtained from a Factory Preload without the first reboot going straight into the files using Winternals Remote Recover is the following:


setup.exe /qn /ru /ri in the main folder, not the Win32 sub-folder.


This is how its supposed to run.


Guess what happens when you Google only the switches with a double-quote before and after the switches.


It points you right back to the Bluetooth driver page for the Vista drivers!!!! 


So basically, Lenovo documented it on the Vista drivers page but forgot to add it to the XP drivers page.


Lenovo, thats a serious goof that cost me a days work on something that should have been available on the XP page as well anyway.


In any case, if someone actually reads these, please edit the page appropriately.



Token Ring
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Re: T400 - Bluetooth Software - Unattended Install instructions/procedure required.

So to be clear what command-line did you use for


 [8] Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate Software    N/A                  N/A


And what setup file? How do you activate BT when you can't activate it with FN+F5 when you receive a new machine and you must deploy an image on it?


Is it this: 

v5.5.0.5800 from 29 jan 2009


I see that there is a Bluetooth Support File v1.00 from 2 june 2008 that is also needed or not? It's in the Vista categorie but when you open it, you can see in the readme file that there is also an explanation to install on xp :mansurprised:

Message Edited by kingskawn on 02-08-2009 06:23 PM
Paper Tape
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Re: T400 - Bluetooth Software - Unattended Install instructions/procedure required.

hi, i've enabled BT via BIOS, but it's not appearing in the device manager. It only appeared after i installed the Hotkey and turn it on using Fn+F5. Running the BT setup failed until i turn on the  BT radio.


I'm doing OSD via SCCM, and anyone can advise on what needs to be done? thanks!

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