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T400 Display Dark, and status icons not working

Hey Guys,


I have a T400 with the following behavior:


1. Everything but the display works perfectly. In fact, I hook it up to an external monitor and it is blazing fast.

2. Thinklight works fine. (Thinklight powered by the same cable that powers the status lights and the display)

3. Status lights, except for wifi light do not work.

4. Display: On booting, I see a very faint "ThinkPad." After that, I can't see anything.


I've replaced the ribbon cable once, and it worked well for a while. After that, I started seeing these problems again.

I've recently tried reseating the cable (on the motherboard end, the display end, the camera/thinklight module end, the status light board's end, and the bluetooth card as well), but to no avail.


Could this be a software issue? I've also heard something about an inverter. I'm not really sure what that is.


Thanks Guys!


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