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What's DOS?
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T400 Enable AMT

Im trying to figure out how to enable AMT on my T400. I have yet to find any documentation listed on Lenovo's website. I did however find documentation listed on Intel's website that stated AMT had to be enabled through the MEBx. They stated the MEBx could be access via the BIOS, or during startup by pressing Ctrl + P (depending on the OEM). I cannot find any setting in my BIOS related to enabling AMT, nor could see any startup screen related to pressing Ctrl + P. Any ideas?
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Re: T400 Enable AMT

It's a mistery feature.


I wanted to take a look at it because I suspect it might be responsible for the huge amount of power that the laptop consumes when shutdown (measured by charging battery to 100% and then letting it shutdown and unplugged for several hours).


I downloaded the Intel Manageability Developer Tool Kit.

It doesn't even run.

If you or anyone have any luck with it we'd like to hear about it.



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Re: T400 Enable AMT

Did you ever get this figured out? I've got a T500  2243-93U that I can't figure out how to turn AMT on. I don't see anything in the BIOS and the Enter ME Configuration Screens boot option doesn't do anything. It just goes black for a second and proceeds to boot the OS. I am running BIOS version 3.10.


The only thing I have seen in Lenovo documents is to check with your system administrator. Well, I'm the administrator and I can't figure it out!


Just getting into this Intel managment and just setup a Dell desktop in small business mode ealier today with no problems. From what I've found on the Intel site, if it's got an 8000 series CPU, it should support it.

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Re: T400 Enable AMT

Hi -- if you still need help in getting to the ctrl-P on the T400 - - let me know. I can probably help you.




What's DOS?
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Re: T400 Enable AMT



yes, I would like to get this mistery revealed Smiley Happy Can you help?


Thanks, Igor.

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Re: T400 Enable AMT

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