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T400 Fingerprint Reader: LED lights and reduced sensitivity?

I've have a month-old T400 (2764CTO) 64-bit Windows 7 unit, which came with the fingerprint reader.


Reader other posts, I seen reference made to two LED lights on either side of the sensor.  I can't really tell whether my unit has them or not.  If they're there, they certainly have neverworked.  Can others confirm whether their T400's have LED lights or not?


In addition, it seems recently I almost always have to swipe multiple times to register a login whereas before, it usually worked under the first swipe.  Have others noticed a decrease in the sensitivity of the reader?  Thanks!


Regards... Brian

T400 2764CTO
Windows 7 x64
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Re: T400 Fingerprint Reader: LED lights and reduced sensitivity?

Hi bwpotter!


The ThinkPad fingerprint scanner uses capacitive technology, so no LEDs involved.


If it seems harder to get a correct scan, making sure you have the latest fingerprint software, and re-registering your fingerprints are a couple of things to try.


I've also found that in very low humidity conditions my fingertip skin gets dry and is harder to scan correctly.


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