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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎11-15-2009
Location: Canada
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T400 Graphic driver change

Hi,I've had the T400 more than a year now and had always been bugged by the display driver 'amdkmdap' crashes ( ) . I dont normally play a lot of games, but crashing every few hours is finally getting on my nerve.

I just want to ask some questions:


1) If I were to give up on the switchable graphics driver/functionality from lenovo and use ATI's original drivers, wil lthat fix the crash? If so, anything I need to look out for when installing ATI's own drivers?


2) I'm considering changing to windows 7 if it will help the situation. Will it?

Posts: 81
Registered: ‎12-30-2008
Location: Atlanta, GA
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Re: T400 Graphic driver change

I have run ATI driver on the T61 and T400 have not had any issues.


I have seen cases where I have fought for days trying to fix the problem a particular user's machine(windows repair, ATI drivers, registry recleaning) and there has been no way I could eliviate the issue without a reimage.


Try the following before making the switch to the ATI driver.

Run a program for cleaning up behind uninstallers like


use it to uninstall the GPU driver, all registry entries and dormant files.


The issues is usually causes from a corrupted ATI file being left behind. Reinstalling will leave this file intact and you will continue to have the problem,


Windows 7 actually loads a default video card which most cases causes your machine to BSOD Smiley Very Happy

but this was solved by just updating the driver. The problem can occur in 7 as well. The problem occurs in only 7 and vista due to the aero theme using 3D acceleration all the TIME! so...even if you don't play any are using your graphics card constantly in direct X 10 mode just to see the start menu.