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T400 Intel 5300 AGN WiFi can't enable device on Windows 7


After an XP to Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade, wifi is broken. The yellow antenna light next to the bluetooth light at the bottom of the screen is lit. Wired neworking works but not Wifi. I've downloaded the latest Intel driver but when I troubleshoot it gives error messages such as "the device is not enabled".


I've scoured forums and tried a few things.

1. Uninstall the driver, uninstall Thinkvantage Connection Manager, reboot, reinstall driver, connection manager.

2. Turn off wireless-n (someone previously posted a solution that involved disabling wireless n).

3. Disabled the ability to disable the device on the power manager.

4. Lowered the antenna power (it was on high).

5. Verified the device in enabled in the bios.

6. Hit fn-F5 (which seems to do nothing)

7. Checked the switch in the front (the yellow light does turn off if I slide it left).


If you start up Thinkvantage Access Connections, it shows zero wireless access points and I know I have a few neighbors besides me who have wireless routers. My mac finds my router (a D-Link DIR-655) just fine. A few folks mentioned that the cards do go but it seems strange. The computer rarely leaves the house.  Anyone have a suggestion of something I may have missed ?


This situations sounds like there are several potential issues:


1) Incomplete set of drivers, hotkeys and appropriate ThinkVantage apps (Since Fn + F5 keys is not working)

2) Possibly corrupted WIFI drivers


First, start ThinkVantage System Update and check for the latest updated.  Update TVSU to version 4 or later for Win 7 compatibility if it is not up to date.  


After updating, confirm Fn + F5 now functions properly to turn on the Wireless.


Confirm / check that:

  1. In devmgmt.msc, is it turned on
  2. If the WiFi is not working, try a  manual installation of WLAN driver via site
  3. If the manual uninstall / re-install did not resolve, try to  Boot into Safe Mode, uninstall the wireless drivers, then reinstall them.  


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