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T400 Lid Latch Broken

So I've had my T400 for about a month now.  Yesterday, when I took the laptop out of my bag and tried to open the lid, it didn't work.  The spring seems to be broken so the hook on the left side of the lid isn't moving.  I need to use a card to slide the hook over in order to open up my laptop.  The spring on the left hook is fine, but the latch on the right and the spring for the right hook must've broke.

I called into Lenovo and they are sending me a box to send it into the depot tomorrow, but I was wondering if it would be a good idea to open up my LCD and try to fix it myself, the spring should just be dislodged. Fixing it myself will save me a lot of time.

I'm looking at this manual and it doesn't seem too complicated.  I found the FRU for the screw caps (FRU 43Y9635) and what I believe to be the hook and latch lever (FRU 43Y9633), does Lenovo send out these parts for free?

Before I attempt to do anything,  I was wondering if this would void my warranty?


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Re: T400 Lid Latch Broken

I would suggest leaving the DIY alone. The front bezel is attached to the screen using a very thin double sided tape, removing the bezel will damage the tape. This would be a dead give away that it had been removed should service be required at a later date.



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