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T400 Locked to Vodafone?



I work for a company that uses Lenovo's for all our laptops and we have just taken delivery for 3 new T400's Type 2765-21G.


These units come with a Vodafone SIM card and a 30 day trial to the Vodafone mobile broadband (3G, GPRS).


Our company uses T-Mobile UK for all of our company phones and USB 3G dongles.


I have replaced the Vodafone SIM card with my T-Mobile SIM card and when I open the Mobile Broadband Connect software I get the message  


Your carrier is currently unsupported. Please contact your carrier for more information.


Is this just a case that I need to get my carrier to enable the service that the laptop requires? Or are the T400's locked to Vodafone?


I have also contacted our rep at T-Mobile so will post there reply.

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Re: T400 Locked to Vodafone?

i think you have to request the unlock code from Lenovo service if you want to use other carriers, i think it is free. 
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Re: T400 Locked to Vodafone?



you also should make a call to vodafone and ask if there is a Net-Look (cannot use other than vodafone networks)
and/or Simlock (cannot use another VodafonSimcard with different Simnumber)


I think unlocking them, will cost something, in both case and Vodafone as the supplier can tell you about the costs.






Maybe it´s different in UK than here in Germany.

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Re: T400 Locked to Vodafone?

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grahambird80, welcome to the forum,


they are not provider locked.


The easiest way to set up a connection is to make a profile in Access Connections. Choose WWAN as type the of connection and then set up a user defined connection. Here in Germany, the T-Mobile user name is "t-mobile", the PW is the same and the APN is internet.t-mobile.


You will need to turn WWAN on first, (Fn + F5). If you can't turn it on reinstall the drivers from C:\SWTOOLS\DRIVERS\WWANER


Should hopefully do the trick.


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Re: T400 Locked to Vodafone?

Cheers for the advice andyP,


I have the Laptop connected now using GPRS.


I got the seetings from;

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Re: T400 Locked to Vodafone?



We too use T-mobile broadband dongles but I have been unable use the SIM from one of these in my Lenovo X200.  The network is found but I cannot connect.  It appears to be an ip address issue.  I'm using a profile I set up in Access Connections.

Can you please explain in detail how you got it to work?

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Re: T400 Locked to Vodafone?

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I have the same problem. Was your issue resolved? How?




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Re: T400 Locked to Vodafone?

Thanks for this info regarding T-Mobile, worked on the spot.


Does somebody know the respective settings for Swiss providers, using the T-Mobile Sim card with a roaming connection in Switzerland ? How to find out wich provider signal is the best at a place outside of Germany ?

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