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Paper Tape
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T400 Power-on and Supervisor Password Forgot

Dear all,


Few hours ago i set a supervisor and power-on password on my t400 2537-25G notebook.

And save&quit bios.

After restart the notebook it dont accept my power-on and supervisor password.


I cant boot the operating system and join the bios.

It want a password for join bios and boot OS.


What can i do for reset or change these passwords?

Thanks for your answers...

Token Ring
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Re: T400 Power-on and Supervisor Password Forgot

You cannot change the passwords :-( . However, did you *forget* the password, or do you know the password but the password doesn't work?


Try entering them again with the caps-lock and num-lock keys on.

Try typing them again with padding spaces after the password, or try typing in just the first 7 or 8 characters...

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Re: T400 Power-on and Supervisor Password Forgot

You won't get any hints or hacks for "forgotten" passwords in this forum since we cannot verify, whether you are the legal owner of the notebook.


Passwords don't change themselves.

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Paper Tape
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Re: T400 Power-on and Supervisor Password Forgot

I can see the security issues with this posting, but how about my predicament. I have a T series Lenovo laptop, I live on my own, the laptop has never had a power-on password set, I turned the laptop off went to bed and the next morning the laptop asks for a power-on password, which of course I don't have. So do I have to scrap the laptop because of this fault? There has to be a way for honest individuals to resolve such problems.....
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Re: T400 Power-on and Supervisor Password Forgot

Good day and welcome to the community.

Sorry you're having trouble.


As is stated previously in this 1+ year-old thread, passwords don't change themselves. Nor do they set themselves


The best, and only allowable advice is that you should call and discuss this with Service. With proof that you are the owner of the machine, there may be options open to you. Those options may cost money, but you wouldn't need to "scrap the laptop".


With that, I'm sorry, but I must lock this thread.


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