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T400 Recovery dvds vs T500 recovery dvds

I purchased the recovery dvds from Lenovo and received the ones with the T400 part number and wanted to make sure they'd work with the T500 I have. The operating system is allright , but my main concern was with the drivers and software, if there was any difference between the two computers.
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Re: T400 Recovery dvds vs T500 recovery dvds

The main difference between the T400 and T500 (considering that they both have two GPU) is the GPU, but they have a generic ati catalyst driver, so the driver would load the appropriate GPU file..... the displayport should be supported through the video drivers, so even if T400 don't have on the physical system, it still would have the drivers for it. 


But you can call Lenovo to clarify the situation. Many Thinkpad laptops recovery media can be used in similarily configured systems.  


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