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Punch Card
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I've got the same drive as The Dude..... It's an excellent drive. 

Paper Tape
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So you can literally just take out the existing drive and slide this one in without having to add a new cage or adapter or anything?  I've been reading differing opinions on that troughout the forums.  I currently have a 7200rpm drive in there now...

Paper Tape
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Re: T400 SSD recommendations?

Could it be possible to have a HDD and a SSD too in the same T400?

I have one SSD but the BIOS don´t list it, only the HDD, and I download the program to detect SSD (fwss12) and it says something like this:


Type   DEVICE                 Model                                                  Firmware Version

ATA     Main HDD bay     Smsung MMCRE2858MXP-0V       UBMIEL1Q

ATA     Ultraay                   HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GUION           MX05


so I don´t know how can a install my SSD

Fanfold Paper
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Re: SSD Update

I am about to buy a Crucial C300 256 SSD for my T400s. Does anyone here have experience with this drive on this computer?

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