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I have reasonably new T500 (2242-CTO) that was originally loaded with Vista and 'downgraded' to XP. I've been forced to rebuild the machine and decided to go straight for Windows 7.
The T500 is noted as supporting Windows 7 and has been built as per the Lenovo instructions, here...
The build is done from a clean hard drive. I have run the build twice, once using ThinkVantage System Update 4.0 and a second time installing Windows 7 drivers in the specified order. Both resulting in the same problem.
Windows 7 (Ultimate, x86 version) fires up fine and runs with the Aero interface and everything looks fine. Transparency and window animation etc. is working. But after using the machine for a short time and opening up an application or two I get blocks of screen corruption, typically in areas of the screen being repainted.
The corruption can be seen anywhere on the screen, including the taskbar area. Minimising then restoring typically cleans up the screen for a while.
The machine has the Intel X4500-HD graphics accelerator and if the driver for this is not installed then no corruption is seen (but the Aero interface isn't supported.) When I used the Lenovo System Update method to build the machine there was a PC Doctor utility. The PC Doctor UI became corrupted prior to running diags but all of its video diags ran, looked fine, and passed.
From a graphics point of view the machine worked flawlessly under XP.







Lenovo has released an official tip on this, and while it is possible there could be other factors that could cause video corruption under Windows 7, including the now removed .1968 version video drivers, it is believed that following one of the recommended alternatives in this tip, should resolve these symptoms for the majority of those experiencing them.




1) Applying updated drivers in the tip


2) Disabling VT-d in BIOS


3) Changing memory config to single dim, or matching memory















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