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Blue Screen Again
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T400 T9600 - Nice

Hey all -


Just received the Lenovo T400 with the T9600 (dual core 2.8 GHz) chipset (CTFT backlit - the highest res screen/mobile switchable graphics, 200 MB/7200 rpm) and I must say I'm impressed with this model.


Great screen - very bright.  Keyboard is crisp - like my other Lenovos (T61, X61). However, there's a little bit of "give" on the corner chassis near the print swipe. Is this normal? Not a big deal but wondering if that's typical and wether or not there's a bracket or fix. Otherwise, I can't find anything wrong. Solid machine and fast as lightening.


Oh yea - I bought this refurb from the Lenovo Outlet (is new) and the FSB was listed as 800 MHz - which is a typo. I owe that clarification to the users here and it enabled me to pull the trigger on the purchase. Lenovo reps had no clue about the FSB misprint and had me waiting for days!



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