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T400 Unknown Device in device manager


Getting an "unknown device error" in device manager, along with the ! in a triangle.


I just replaced the hard drive with a new one. I reinstalled all the software; however I can't seem to find the software needed to correct the error. I've downloaded the power manager and TRM software, but the problem remains. I'm running XP Pro 32 bit with SP3. The software listed states it's for SP2, not 3. Maybe that's the problem. I can't seem to find anything "new" in the company database. Besides this one error everything else is loaded and running fine. My computer is a 7417-TPU.



Try the following proceedure:


First go into your device manager and find the yellow exclamination point. Double click to reinstall the driver.

When windows asks to connect to the internet to search say "not this time"

Click next

When the wizard appears to install, select "install from a list or specfic location" (Advanced)

Click next

The hardware wizard will ask to search, click "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install"

Click next

The next window should say "Show all devices", this is what you want.

Click next

Now there should be a HUGE list of devices to choose from. This is where you will want to find the "Intel" stuff. (May also be listed under Intel Corporation)

Look for exact name of the missing driver.

Intel(R) <---- don't forget the (R), there is "INTEL" and "INTEL (R)"

Then find 8201FBM LPC...

And lastly find the interfact controller 2641, this may take more time but it's there. There are many different interface controllers similar to the 2641 so make sure you get the right one. For instance there is an 24CC controller so be careful choosing the right driver.

So make sure you install:

Intel(R) 82801FBM LPC Interface Controller - 2641

Click "next" and continue installing the driver.

If windows asks you if you're sure you want to install, click yes.

You should now have fixed the problem




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