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Fanfold Paper
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T400 WXGA+ LED LCD bad display?

I'm really at the end of my rope.


I've been trying everything I can in the graphics driver settings (both ATI 3470 and Intel x4500, I got the switchable graphics system) to try and make it look better, but nothing I can do is fixing it.


Basically, the display looks washed out and the colors are terrible.  It's the worst display that I've ever used to put it simply (granted, the super-cheap Acer that I didn't buy probably looked worse, but I purposely avoided it because of the terrible looking display).  It is bright, but that's it really.  The contrast and saturation seems completely blown out and what is there looks grainy.


I was really expecting a gorgeous display after reading the review at  But as it seems in the past, what I got was not the LG display that was in the review, but a Samsung LCD panel that looks terrible.  Is there anything that I can do other than return the laptop?  It seems very difficult (especially after reading the T61 LCD threads) to argue to Customer Service that the display `looks terrible.'  I've used multiple laptops over the years and none of them have looked this bad. 



The FRU for my display is: 42X6318  SBB 14.1 W X G A +TFT


I can't get anything to show up through the FRU lookup.   According to Everest Home, the display is an  LTN141BT.  Is this even an LED display?  Is the only reason for getting an LED display brightness over everything else?  I certainly wouldn't have paid more for it if I knew it would look like this.  I can't find the specifications for this panel on the Samsung web site, so it's hard to tell.  Could someone from Lenovo give me more information?.

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Punch Card
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Re: T400 WXGA+ LED LCD display quality?

It may be time for a service call.   I just received my T400 with the LED backlit screen and the colors and contrast are excellent especially for a matte screen.  I have the same FRU according to my ship notice.


I really don't like the glossy screens and the Lenovo matte screen was a factor in deciding on the T400.   I don't have a direct comparison but my first impression is that the colors and contrast are as good as a glossy screen and without the reflections.

T400 - 7417CTO, T9400, GMA 4500MHD, Vista Ultimate. 14.1 WXGA+ w/ LED Backlight, 2 GB DDR3, 160 GB Hard Disk 7200rpm, CD-RW/DVD-ROM, 4 cell Battery, 7-1 Media Card Reader. Intel WiFi 5100(AGN)
Fanfold Paper
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Re: T400 WXGA+ LED LCD display quality?

While I still haven't been able to find any more information about the LCD panel that I've got, I did stumble on the online Parts Lookup page and this is what it says about my display:




I guess that I'll be calling in either tomorrow or Monday about the screen though, to see what Lenovo is willing to do.  It's making me really nervous, since the screen is really the only part of the computer that I don't like! 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T400 WXGA+ LED LCD display quality?

Not that anyone probably cares, but there should be a box on it's way to take my shiny new T400 back to a service center.  The only hitch that I had with calling Customer Service is that since I only even ordered the laptop just over a week ago the warranty information for my serial number wasn't in the system yet.  Everyone was very helpful and so far I'm really impressed with the service.


I am still really nervous though, because I really don't think that I can use the laptop with this particular panel (or one like it!).  My only hope is that they replace the panel with a better one (hopefully the LG that everyone else seems to be getting!).  I've been running around checking the colors against every monitor/laptop I can find and it really just looks bad.  Mostly it's red; it looks more like an orange.  I took a side-by-side picture of a full screen of straight red with it and my old Dell Latitude and you can really see the difference in hue.  Green looks a little funny too, although Blue seems fine.  The Dell is probably the most favorable comparison I've got, since even it dosen't look terribly great compared to a desktop LCD/CRT.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: T400 WXGA+ LED LCD display quality?

I'm very picky about displays and my new T400 WXGA+ w/LED is the best screen on a laptop I've seen.

Vista's fonts, on the other hand are horrible.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: T400 WXGA+ LED LCD bad display?

That's good to hear; I sure hope that they replace my LCD panel with one as nice as yours!


At this point I'm assuming that my panel is just bad and isn't the way the Samsung LCD is _supposed_ to look.  We'll see what happens when lenovo gets it.  It seems that most people have been getting LGs instead; I haven't really heard of anyone else getting a Samsung, so I don't know how anyone else's have turned out.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: T400 WXGA+ LED LCD bad display?

hi, i  have the same display problem, have you solved your problem yet? i am extremely disappointed with my t400 lcd it looks terrible Smiley Sad

Token Ring
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Re: T400 WXGA+ LED LCD bad display?

Would it be the Intel driver causing concern with the Gamma setting?


Try this: in the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator app, reset the LCD panel's gamma setting.

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