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What's DOS?
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T400 Win XP Bluetooth stops working

I have a Microsoft Presenter 8000 Bluetooth mouse. It is configured properly to work with the T400 and works fine most of the time, but then for no apparent reason, the BT signal goes dead. When moving the mouse, the Bluetooth light on the T400 front bezel does not blink. It does not come back to life after that.


If I use Fn+F5, turn off the Bluetooth, then turn it back on, the mouse will resume functioning. I have verified the same behavior with the Microsoft Bluetooth 5000 mouse as well.


When I click the "off" button in the Fn+F5 Wireless Radio control panel, I get TWO disconnect tones from the speaker (ding-dong ding-dong). When I turn it back on, I get dong-ding, dong dong dong.  ("ding" is the high tone, "dong" is the low tone). Sometimes when I turn it back on, I just get dong-dong-dong. In any case, the BT always works fine after that, but then dies again some time later.


As another test, I put a clean hard drive in the machine and reloaded Windows XP from scratch to see whether the problem was caused by some software I installed. The clean version of WinXP exhibited the same behavior.


I have updated the drivers with the latest ones from the Lenovo site (about a week or so ago).


Can anyone help with this maddening problem? I love using a BT mouse that doesn't need a stupid USB dongle.



What's DOS?
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Re: T400 Win XP Bluetooth stops working

I have the same problem with a Microsoft Notebook 5000 mouse.

I switched to a Logitech Bluetooth mouse today and it works OK with the laptop open.

If I close the lid with the laptop in a docking station, I lose Bluetooth completely with either mouse.

I have the latest Bluetooth drivers installed for the built-in Bluetooth.

I will install an external Bluetooth dongle later and see if that solves the problem.

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