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What's DOS?
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T400 - Won't Power On, No Lights

Hi all,


I have a T400 from early '09. It's been a fantastic laptop, though I now only use it for when I travel.


Over the last year it's been running very hot, especially when playing games. I've been using a portable fan to cool it down, didn't think about getting it checked out because I didn't use it very often.


Today it froze up and I force shut it down by holding the power key. When it rebooted it ran a disk check (I had a sleep and didn't see the results) and when it loaded windows it was running extremely slowly. After a bit of experimenting I worked out the wifi and switchable graphics drivers weren't working. I was able to get it to a usable state by disabling the discrete graphics in the bios and booting into safe mode.


I was going to reinstll the drivers. While they were downloading I tried to re-enable the discrete graphics (in the bios) and booted. However before I got to the boot manager screen, I got a BSOD (c000021a). I turned the laptop off, but it would not start again. None of the lights on the laptop are working, even though it is plugged in.


The only things I changed in the bios were the switchable graphics (which I changed back to the default setting) and the "beep" on hibernation. I have no idea if the battery has any charge, it should be at 100% as it was plugged in the entire time. I noticed the laptop was running very hot while I was working with it.


Our tech guy seems to think the motherboard may have overheated and "melted', but I will be away for a couple more weeks and he doesn't have any experience with Lenovo computers. So I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this before, or if there are any tricks to getting the laptop booting again (if it isn't a motherboard issue)?



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Re: T400 - Won't Power On, No Lights

Try the 10-30 routine.

Remove battery and disconnect from AC. Now press the ON button 11 times and on the 11th press hold it in the ON position for 30 seconds. Attach AC and see if it starts.


This issue has plagued old Thinkpads forever. I have not found the true cause other than my speculation of age related.

What's DOS?
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Re: T400 - Won't Power On, No Lights


GOOD ON YA, worked for me!



What's DOS?
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Re: T400 - Won't Power On, No Lights

I had this, had been planning to use as tent cinema for a couple of teens and the T400 was totally dead and showed no lights. Solved by removing battery, plugging into power, then it worked. Turned off before putting the battery back in (don't know if that was necessary) but then, once again, it worked. 

Pity I didn't work all that out till I got home but then again it gave them a screen break.

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