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Paper Tape
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T400 hard drive replacement

I have one T400 with a smashed screen and a hopefully intact hard drive. I don´t know what exactly is still intact, and got my hands on a cheap refurbished T400 without OS. Can I just put the hard drive of the smashed one in the new one without OS and run it? I guess I have to install different drivers, what else do I have to take care of?
I already read in previous posts that they all have SATA, so the connection shouldn´t be a problem, I guess...

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Re: T400 hard drive replacement

A physical swap should be fine, assuming the "hopefully intact" HDD really is intact. Even if the hardware configurations are slightly different, for example one has integrated graphics and the other discrete graphics, the system should at least boot to Windows. Then you can run ThinkVantage System Update to address any hardware differences.


BTW have you tried to run the "smashed" T400 with an external monitor? That would be an even easier way to verify if the HDD is still functional.

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Paper Tape
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Re: T400 hard drive replacement

Yes, I tried it with an external monitor, I could apparently start and run the laptop, but on the external monitor there was only black, and the mouse cursor. As far as I could see on the broken screen, the laptop displayed the normal desktop.

Thanks for your fast response!


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