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T400 with Intel 5350 - configuring data rates

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Started ‎03-01-2011 by
Modified ‎03-01-2011 by


I just installed an Intel 5350 card in my ThinkPad T400 laptop. with 3 antennae connections. I guess 2 antennae  are from Wifi  and one for WiMax. Is it right?


For some reason, the Wifi speed is shown as 130Mbps. The router I'm using is DIR-685 which supports 300Mbps.  Shouldn't the speed be around 300Mbps?



 I think the 5350 shares the three antennas between Wifi (uses all three antennas) and WiMax (uses probably two).


To achieve 300 Mbit/s for WLAN (the 5350 should achieve even 450 Mbit/s with an appropriate router) you have to change the channel width of the card to 40 MHz instead of the default 20 MHz.


To do this:


(1) open device manager

(2) find your Intel card in the network adapters section

(3) right click and choose properties

(4) select advanced tab

(5) for channel width (2.4 or 5.2 band, depending on which one you use, but you can safely set it for both) choose "auto" instead of "20 MHz"


You should then be able to achieve the maximum transfer rate your router is capable of.