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T400s 5-1 Media Card Reader Not Recognizing MicroSD!!!

I'm having trouble with my T400s not recognizing my MicroSD card. So when I bought the laptop 2  months ago, I chose the 5-1 Media Card Reader option instead of the ExpressCard34. It's been reading everything fine, including my 16GB SDHC that I use for my camera and the 2GB/4GB MicroSD for my sister's NDS.


But today, I tried to add some files to the MicroSD cards and the computer won't recognize the MicroSD cards anymore. When I plug the adapter into the card reader, it doesn't even have any response to it, just as if the MicroSD card is not even inserted into the adapter. I have several different adapters and MicroSD cards of different size and none of the combinations of them worked. The reader still reads the normal SD cards fine.


This is very strange because it used to work a few weeks ago and now it doesn't recognize ANY of the MicroSD cards using ANY adapters. I've tried restarting the computers and made sure that it has the newest driver but nothing new happened.


What's going on? I paid big big bucks for this laptop and it's already giving me so many problems after 2 months of use. Does anyone have a solution for this?

What's DOS?
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Re: T400s 5-1 Media Card Reader Not Recognizing MicroSD!!!

The exact same problem happened with me. I just disabled the device in the Device Manager and then enabled it again. And after that it worked.

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Re: T400s 5-1 Media Card Reader Not Recognizing MicroSD!!!

Do you have any other computers to try it on?


EDIT: Whoops. Old thread is old.

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