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Paper Tape
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T400s Memory brand?

 i ordered a T400s today with 2GB DDR3 module. I would like to order from Newegg a 4GB SODIMM. Does anyone know the brand of memory that ships with this model, e.g., Crucial, Corsair, etc? The part number would be ideal as i could match the latency.
Paper Tape
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Re: T400s Memory brand?

The brand is Elpida.  On the SODIMM is:

2GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500S-7-10-F1

From another forum someone is using Kingston:

Kingston DDR3 HyperX SO-DIMM 1066MHz 2x 2GiB (KHX8500S3ULK2/4G) 


According to this picture Lenovo SODIMM uses Hynix memory chips:


There are different speed options for the same part numbers, you want G7:


G7 DDR3-1066 7-7-7


Part No. Org. Vol. Ref. Speed  Number of DRAMs Product Status   
HMT351S6AFR8C x64 1.5V 8K Ref./64ms G7/H9 x16 Mass production   
HMT451S6MMP8C x64 1.5V 8K Ref./64ms S6/G7 x8 Mass production   
HMT451S6MMR8C x64 1.5V 8K Ref./64ms S6/G7 x8 Mass production


Since the T400s uses the Mobile Intel GS45 Express Chipset that only supports 1033 (as opposed to 1333 which is Hynix H9 speed) that is the way to go.


This appears to be the correct Crucial Part #:


Good luck.

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Paper Tape
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Re: T400s Memory brand?

Thyx so much for the detailed response.


I did order & have been using the Crucial part & can report that it does indeed work well. Have been using the T400s for a few weeks  now and am pleasantly surpised with its speed, low heat output and barely discernible fan noise - the latter is seldom heard. Suspect the Toshiba SSD contributes significantly to the speed factor but perhaps the 2.5GHz cpu also helps. - 2801CTO = model.Smiley Happy

Punch Card
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Re: T400s Memory brand?

I agree-- the performance of the T400s with SSD is amazing.  I only have the 2.4Ghz CPU / 4GB  / 64G SSD on mine, but it was amazing to see how it performed side by side with my Core i7 920 6GB desktop (with conventional hard disk).  Both machines happened to kick of a scheduled virus scan  (AVG) at the exact same moment.  While it was going on, the T400s remained  responsive and usable for other tasks, while the i7 920 desktop was noticeably laggy to the point of being annoying-- not surprising, since it was totally I/O bound.   While I could see that the i7 machine was actually faster at scanning files based on the number of files being processed (in fact, I was able to mitigate the sluggishness somewhat by adjusting AVG's scanning priority to 'slower scan') it felt so 'outclassed' by the multi-tasking performance of the little T400s.  I definitely plan on putting an SSD in the desktop in the future.

Paper Tape
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Re: T400s Memory brand?

OT: I've an i7 920 as well. runs pretty fast with 12 GB DRAM (probably a waste of money) & a WD raptor but, i too, will soon add a Colossus SSD (chosen for the form factor more than anything else). 

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