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Paper Tape
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T400s SATA/USB question

Can the SATA/USB port on the T400s handle a 5.25" 500GB drive with an appropriate cable, or does that size pull to much current?

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Re: T400s SATA/USB question

As far as I am aware, the eSATA+USB port on a T400s does not differ from normal USB specifications in terms of teh available power.


The power available from USB ports is not enough to run a 3.5" drive, so you will need an external power supply foto do that.


USB ports can usually only support the power needs of 2.5" drives.





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Token Ring
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Re: T400s SATA/USB question

Im afraid that this will be not possible because 5.25 drive needs 5V and also 12V, and in USB/eSata connector is only 5V as I know, In anyway external power supply will be needed.