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T400s USB issues with mini dock

I've been using a T400s with the mini dock to drive dual monitors for quite a while now.  Recently, I've noticed an issue in that after I undock, and come back to redock the system.  When I redock, my monitors synch up just fine and the display switches over just as it should.  However, it appears USB has gone dead throughout the system.  I am running a small USB hub off the mini dock, so I thought it was that.  But after more investigation, it appears USB throughout the laptop has gone dead.  Not only can I not get my peripherals to work after redocking, butcan plug in a USB key directly to the laptop to find that it never sees the key either.  So it appears the whole USB bus on the system itself has gone off into the weeds.


Another odd symptom is that once it's in this state, it hangs if I were to attempt to put it into sleep and I have to power it off to recover. 


Only course of action to fix it is a reboot. 


I've noticed this doesn't happen after every undock/redock situation, but once it does, I'm fooked and I have to reboot to get USB functionality back.  My first thought was to try to update the chipset driver, but I'm not finding one available on the web.  Anybody else having troubles with this?


T400S with win7 ultimate and USB mini dock. 

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