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Re: T400s random shutdowns

Hi, I have the same issue as chented above. I called and the reps told me I have to pay to replace, which is more than $300. I don't understand as this is not something like our error. The error is already there since the machine is out for sale! HP, Nvidia did replace a whole bunch of laptop/chip for the similar condition. My laptop is like unusable now!!! Mark, pls help!!!

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Re: T400s random shutdowns

To Mark_Lenovo,


I have searched for fixes for this issue for the past 18 months and just came across your thread. 


My September 2009 build T400s has had the random shutdown issue since day one.  I have searched for a solution at various times but never found this thread previously.


Can you please direct me to the correct service group to have the system board of my unit replaced?

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Re: T400s random shutdowns

Mine was replaced, just called warranty service and they replaced it with no issue, worked fine since.
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Re: T400s random shutdowns

as this a board defect, will replacement boards be covered for systems out of warranty? I noticed this issue about a year ago and I always thought it was something I was doing, but i'm experiencing the shutdown problem exactly as described on this forum. What recourse do I have?

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Re: T400s random shutdowns

[ Edited ]

Sorry tapara youre in the same boat as me. The most troubling part of this issue is mark? lenovo said



We have determined that an internal noise issue with the voltage regulation component is the common element.  This is an electrical noise issue which manifests in a fairly small portion of the use base and does not appear to develop over time.


This is not correct, my machine developed problems months out of warranty and as you can see more machines still pop up with the random shutdowns... As a responsible consumer I did not return my t400s within warranty window only to be let down with customer support now.


i pm'd mark several times but no response, biggest waste of time ever is trying to explain the situtaion to tier1 tech Smiley Sad


terrible support of a top of the line flagship model lenovo! lenovo should warranty random shutdown issues even out of warranty if the known part# fails 


i have resorted to using a 1000$ laptop as a undervolted unstable mp3 player because it is absolutely unreliable,


the worst laptop i have ever used. sorry about the tone of this post I really want to get that Lenovo Yoga as soon as its available but after being burnt so bad with this purchase... man

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Re: T400s random shutdowns

Same problems from Spain. Random shutdowns, windows broken and can't even boot a partition management CD!

The support from Lenovo Spain is rubish, as are their products. My laptop has been three times in reparation and now I can't even work with it. Every five minutes shuts down...

What's DOS?
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Re: T400s random shutdowns


hey , I am from india

i am also facing same problem.

some of my ovservations

one month before I un installed and reinstalled wireless lan driver, it was resolved.

 this time , its working fine in office with full time aircondition ( 23-24 C) environment, at my res its reboots as i dont have full time aircondition in Home ( 30 C).






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Re: T400s random shutdowns

My T400s has started experiencing random shutdowns after 2 years of constant daily use. Is there some other reason behind it? Please help.

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Re: T400s random shutdowns

Sad to say, but I just created a case at the Lenovo Support Center.  I've been slowly and randomly experiencing shutdowns.  Four in the last four months, two of which happened in front of me today within 20 minutes of each other.  Of course my 3 year extended warranty expired in September.  I'm curious of how this will be handled, we shall see.

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