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T410 DVD not accessible in device manager - 'prepared for safe removal' Code 47 - Windows 7


When I first received my T410 a couple of weeks ago, several programs which access the  DVD drive did not recognize it. I updated the BIOS and the programs seemed to work, but only temporarily.


The DVD drive frequently becomes unrecognized, or the icon in Device Manager is marked with a yellow (!) bang (Windows cannot use this hardware device because it has been prepared for “safe removal”, but has not been removed from the computer (Code 47). To fix this problem, unplug this device from your computer and then plug it in again.) Rebooting the machine causes the device to be recognized again and removes the ‘safe removal’ status.


When the device is in ‘safe removal’ status, any attempt to manipulate it with Device Manager will cause Device Manager to hang. Removing and plugging the drive back in will not return the drive status to normal. The machine must be rebooted. Seemingly this also causes the machine to hang when it shut down making it necessary to force it to shut down.


If one manually marks the DVD drive for safe removal and then removes it, it remains in the list of devices that can be removed, but is grayed out. The drive still appears in Device Manager as prepared for safe removal. When the drive is plugged back in, it is not recognized. A scan for new hardware will not find it. Only when the machine is rebooted can the drive be used again.



Reported "work around" -  The OS sets too many flags which are not carried in the drive itself.  With the drive in and recognized by the device manager, use the device manager to uninstall the drive. Next, remove the physical drive and reboot the computer. This seems to clear all of the lingering flags in the OS.  Now, Reinsert  the physical drive. The operating system should now recognize it . 


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