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Token Ring
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T410 Gobi 2000 PC lockup



I have a T410 which is a solid PC.  0 issues....


Until I switch on the Gobi 2000 card and connect.  A which point, after a random duration ( 3 mins - 30 mins ), will cause the PC to lockup.


By lockup I mean the mouse freezes, everythin stops responding.  Display remains continuous, no BSOD etc.


Only a hard power button reset will turn the PC off and then on again.


The latest drivers posted are installed.


Does anyone else have this, or have a suggestion? 



Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: T410 Gobi 2000 PC lockup

A couple things to try.


1) re-seat the Gobi card

2) uninstall and reinstall the drivers

3) What connection manager are you using? Access Connections, or a carrier connection manager or Win7 CM? Does the hang only happen with a specific connection manager?

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