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What's DOS?
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T410 Keyboard Annoyance

Hello all,


I recently purchased a T410 and I am overall very pleased with my purchase. Now excuse me while I go on a short rant.


Why are there two buttons, right next to the directional arrows, that cycle forwards and backwards through my browsing history? Alt+right/left arrow performs the exact same function. Not only are these buttons completely redundant, they make posting on a message board very dangerous. I sometimes use the arrow keys to get my cursor to the right place to correct typing errors. If I inadvertantly hit the wrong key, I go back a page and all my work is lost. A more benign issue, I often use the arrow keys when I program to correct similar typing errors, and I am not used to having extra keys in that area. Sometimes I have to take a moment to feel for the correct key (wah wah, I know).


Needless to say, I think that this is a very poor design, but I think it could potentially have a simple remedy. Can anyone tell me how to customize these two keys to carry out a different function (in Windows 7)? Any help is appreciated.

What's DOS?
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Re: T410 Keyboard Annoyance

I must echo this post.  I bought a 14 inch for ease of travel.  My hands are so large that I constantly hit the page back button instead of the shift key.  IS it possible to turn off these keys?

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Re: T410 Keyboard Annoyance

Keyboard Customizer lets you reduce the keys' sensitivity by requiring a longer keypress to trigger. I tend to try and hit empty space on other laptops there.

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