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T410 - Lenovo Welcome Screen

I lost the Lenovo/Think welcome screen on the host when I installed VMPlayer with Win 7 x64 as a guest OS, it reverted to the standard Windows welcome screen.


Any idea how to get it back?



Token Ring
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Re: T410 - Lenovo Welcome Screen

Locate the black Lenovo wallpaper picture, which should be located here:

Then, paste it in this directory:

Then rename it to 'backgroundDefault'.
It must be a JPEG file (the Lenovo Black background is already, though).

And then the next time you log in it should be there.

You can change the login screen's background to anything you wish by just substituting the proper image in place of the Lenovo one (size of image must be < 256 Kb.)

If that doesn't work, open the Registry Editor and navigate to:


And change the value of the key 'OEMBackground' to 1. Make a backup of the registry before you do this, and change only this value- so you can restore if it goes wrong.

Other than that, you should be good to go.
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Re: T410 - Lenovo Welcome Screen

Thanks Q-Ball the registry edit worked.  I've installed VMPlayer before and never had this happen, but then I used EZ install this time and instead fo doing it manually.



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Re: T410 - Lenovo Welcome Screen

Windows tends to lose OEM backgrounds if you change the Theme in Personalization.

I personally use this tool:

It integrates with Windows (puts an entry next to Personalization on the desktop, as well as adds a Set as logon background to the context menu of pictures).

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