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T410/T510 Keyboard mute button

We have recently completed our image for the T410/T510 platform running Windows XP and have just run into something that I was wondering if anyone else had.


During our testing, one of our apps was showing some strange behavior on the new platforms.  We finally figured out that it was a conflict that the application was having with the Lenovo Hotkey software.  Our thinking at that time is that this was a "nice" to have while the application was a "need" to have so we removed the software.  This has been running fine and we have rolled out a few hundred laptops, but now have one issue.


When the software is installed, if you press the mute button on the keyboard, windows sees that and turns on the mute.  If you press the volume button on the keyboard, the mute in windows turns off as does the light on the mute button.  Without the software installed, if you have pressed the mute button, the light turns on just like normal.  However, if you press the volume button at that point, then the light on the mute button turns off, but Windows does not turn off the mute.  If you press the mute button on the keyboard, then the light comes back on, but Windows then turns off the mute.


Anyone else have this issue?


Eric Krueger

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