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T410 Thinkpad i5 Chipset security Patch?

At the risk of turning my still active and sturdy T410 laptop into a rogue bot, I have been searching for the update to the i5 chipset to block the security issues raised by INTEL a few weeks ago.


Oddly, (or maybe due to the 'vintage') LENOVO support for the T410 seems to have been dropped.


Would think LENOVO would want to keep their name off of the 'machines that create havoc' list by providing, at a minimum, the patch that INTEL has created for most of it's families of processors.


Help, anyone?

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Re: T410 Thinkpad i5 Chipset security Patch?

T410 was added to Lenovo's EOL website, so it won't be updated by Lenovo. x30 generation is the last, which will receive update from Lenovo. 


Your only chance is, that Microsoft will release an update, which will have updated microcode for CPU in your T410.

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Re: T410 Thinkpad i5 Chipset security Patch?

I'm not sure about the T410 but as I understand it, especially computers that are uEFI based, microcode updates must be signed by the motherboard manufacturer to be trusted and installed by the system board.


This is why Intel can't release a microcode updates to end-users, unless the end-user has an Intel-branded motherboard.


I could be wrong and I know Microsoft has released CPU microcode updates in the past, but I can't tell you why they haven't this time or if there is something different about this microcode update as opposed to prior ones.


Good luck!

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