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T410 - What can smart card reader do?


I have a new T410 which has a smart card reader.  I have no smart cards and really don't know much about them.  I do like the idea of using a smart card for added security.


How can I get setup with a smart card for logon & encryption?  What hardware/software? 


Where can one obtain these smart cards?  


I'd like to get one and experiment with using it for my laptop for authentication and encryption.  I've found the .NET card from Gemalto which can be order online, and it seems that it would do the trick, but I'm not sure.  Wondering what other sources there are and how easy this is to setup and use for a single machine without an IT department to support me.


Image below is a sample of smart card (CAC card really but the same thing). That chip on the front is similar to the type of chip that SIM cards use. You attach the card to your account and use it as a physical security credential that must be produced in order to login.



Any ISO 7816 compliant card should would work. The ACOS5 64/72KB PKI Card looks like a good one to get, appears to be designed for exactly this use. 



It seems like you can use smart cards with ThinkVantage Client Security Solution (CSS)

Below here is a list of supported smart cards extracted from Lenovo support site. I'm not sure if this list is up to date.


Suported smart cards types

Due to configuration requirements, only Softex smart cards are supported by this middleware. This version supports the following smart cards:

  • Gemalto/Axalto Cyblerflex Access eGate 32K (PRO/PKI)
  • G&D SmartCafe 64K (PRO/PKI)
  • OmniPass 72K (PRO/PKI)
  • JCOP 72K (PRO/PKI)

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soproni On 2013-11-27, 13:05 PM



Which program can read smartcards?


AilsaPF On 2016-02-19, 6:22 AM

Well smart card reader can reader writer IC/RFID/SAM Card, and support Protocal: ISO7816, ISO 14443

It suited for most operations like

  • retail POS, 
  • supermarket payment, 
  • e-Government,
  • e-Healthcare,
  • Network Security,
  • AccessControl,
  • e-Purse& Loyalty,
  • Transportation

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