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T410 Windows 7 (64-bit) disk?

Hi All,


Between me being a newb and Lenovo not sending out a Windows 7 disk with my T410, I never created a recovery disk (don't think it was even written in the little paperwork given in the box).  My hard drive crashed and I'm now in need of a new Windows 7 disk.


Ridicously (but not surprisingly) Lenovo wants $40 for a new disk??  


Do I have any other (legit) options for a Windows 7 disk?




A newb


T410 i620 4GB, Windows 7 x64
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Re: T410 Windows 7 (64-bit) disk?

I think if your hard drive suffers a malfunction before making out restore discs, you might be able to ask for one.

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Re: T410 Windows 7 (64-bit) disk?

You do have a license for your Windows 7 since you bought a Thinkpad Laptop with Windows installed on it.

However, you can't ask Recovery Disk (if not under warranty) for free.


If you have any other Thinkpad laptops with Windows 7 64bit preinstalled, you can make a recovery disk from them and apply it to your image.


You can also use normal Windows 7 64bit disk to install, and get a copy of OEMCERT.xrm-ms (which contains information about Windows 7 Licensed to Thinkpad Customers), and register with the license key, attached underneath your laptop. (THIS IS ALSO LEGIT)


Otherwise, you have no option but to get a one from Lenovo.

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Re: T410 Windows 7 (64-bit) disk?

would it be illegal to ask for a fellow owner for a copy of their disk? I do have my disks, but they are 32bit and I'd like to run 64bit for 8gigs of ram...



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Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: T410 Windows 7 (64-bit) disk?

you can ask, but whether they would listen is another problem. you can download a generic retail 64 bit Windows 7 OS from places like, just use that if you don't to spend money on the installation media.

Jin Li

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Re: T410 Windows 7 (64-bit) disk?

I think I'll try my luck on a Lenovo service center nearby, I have to replace my keyboard maybe I get lucky

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