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What's DOS?
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T410 and T420 keyboard and touchpad not working windows 7

Hi guys,


hope you can assist me with this. I have a really strange behavour, I must say...


I received a T410 and worked two days on it. From one office I moved to another location and worked for some hours. After lunch I started the machine again, but neither touchpad nor keyboard is working. If I connect a pointer via USB on the machine the pointer is working, keyboard unfortunately not.


Ok. Admins installed it new. I worked one day, next morning same issue. Well, back to admins, reinstallation completed. Again for two days I could work without any problem. So as it happened the third time admins decided to provide me a new hardware: I received a T420. I have been working with this one week without any error.


During christmas I took the notebook home. I had been working with it for one hour. I used a USB-to-bluetooth wireless pointer. No problems so far.

I got back in the office this morning an guess what?!?!?! Same problem as for the T410: Windows is starting up but touchpad and kayboard is not working at all!


What did I? In my opinion nothing special:

1) Started up machine

2) Added pointer

3) Connected via WLAN to network at home (settings for Home-Network applying)

4) Packed the notebook into my suitcase and took the flight.

5) Back at the office connected via LAN to network, connected via VGA to monitor, added usb-keyboard, added pointer.


What can this be? I mean I'm able to destroy to different machines! Only common is Windows 7 and T4xx series...


Any idea?



What's DOS?
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Betreff: T410 and T420 keyboard and touchpad not working windows 7

Yeah! Found ound myself! Smiley Happy


The issue is that I changed the setting from my mouse in the control panel. I received a message asking me about deinstalling the driver for the touchpad. I clicked on "Yes" and after restard it is blocked.


A buddy had the same issue as he changed the setting to switch of touchpad.


I reinstalled the driver, now I do not get the message any more and I can change my settings. After reboot still working. Smiley Happy

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