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Paper Tape
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T410 boot from SDHC.



I need to use a SDHC to boot a linux system in oder to use it.


Since now, I couldn't boot on the SDHC as it is not recognized in the BIOS.


Why is this feature not enabled ? and most important, how can i make it work ?


Thanks a lot for your help.


NOTA : the purpose here is to do not change my windows installation and to check linux distributions without having trouble. Already checked the forum and didn't find anything to give a solution about that. The USB stick boot runs ok but i need the SDHC to be faster.

Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-02-2010
Location: France
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Re: T410 boot from SDHC.

A bit more informations about my question. I'm talking about using the builtin SD card reader and not an USB one.
Token Ring
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Re: T410 boot from SDHC.

I don't think it is possible, from what I have read elsewhere. By the way, I did this previously on X200 (which could boot from it) and did not notice that much performance difference between the built-in reader and an external USB reader. I think my SDHC card was the speed limiter. If you really want to use the internal reader for SDHC, I think you would have to put your bootloader and /boot files on an external USB drive, or a CD-RW, and then only put the Linux / file-system on the internal SDHC. If you really want performance though, I would suggest using an eSATA disk for your Linux tests, or the bay adapter to install an extra internal SATA disk.

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