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Accepted Solution

T410 giving Fan Error

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Dears ....


My T410 (2522 NS7) is giving Fan error...sometimes only...... I cleaned the fan and updated BIOS etc  but still same....


Its happening some times only


Help me please 

Punch Card
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Re: T410 giving Fan Error

I had something similar in T500 a while ago, turned out it had to replaced.

What you could do, is to get compressed air and try to blow into vents, sometimes it is just too dirty. Otherwise I would collect some screenshoots with this error and call Lenovo service.



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Re: T410 giving Fan Error



Good advice - canned air can temporarily unstick the fan.   Fan error on start up means the fan didn't spin up - - either the fan motor failed, or more often the grease has solidified or the bearings are in a bit of a bind - it doesn't take much.


I would recommend replacing the fan.




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Re: T410 giving Fan Error



after testing i can confirm that this happens when the laptop has been sitting off for a while.


i noticed one T410 that was working fine, after it was turned off (not used) for a while , i try to power it up and all the sudden i see the "Fan Error". i then did a BIOS update using a bootable CD which started the fan again but I can't say for sure if the error will re-surface.


i hope the above info will help and maybe lenovo will have a permanent BIOS fix




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Re: T410 giving Fan Error

sometimes the fan does spin up but the controller on the motherboard failed, which still can give you fan error.

Jin Li

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Re: T410 giving Fan Error

I don't like blowing into the vents. The dust just goes back inside the machine.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: T410 giving Fan Error

I'm having the same problem here. I removed the keyboard and manually started the fan spinning with the tip of a pen, then squirted a bit of very light oil on what I thougth was the bearings of the fan. Seems to be going OK for now, but to be sure I'll not turn it off until I can order a replacement fan.


I just called Lenovo service to see if the'd be of any help... They refused to speak with because I wasn't under warranty and wouldn't give them a credit card. Then I spoke with general Lenovo information and they said they weren't aware of any fan issues on the T410 :-)!


I'm very disappointed that Lenovo is a joke these days, especially their service. The only good thing I can say about Thinkpad laptops (I've had 4 in about 3 years, plus their miserable Thinkpad Tablet which has never worked properly) is that they're so simply built that I can swap out parts pretty easily on my own. 


But I shouldn't have to deal with this crap. It's not like the T410 was a budget laptop when I bought it 1.5 years ago. 


Lenovo, your service is crappy and your premium products break. 


Why should I buy another Lenovo product?

What's DOS?
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Re: T410 giving Fan Error

Here is what worked for me- press ESC (and i think that i held it) after you turn on the computer and before the message pops up. I did not have an installation CD so put another CD in just to get the system moving. I tried that 3 times before also entering and holding ESC while it was booting. I'm not sure if the CD part was beneficial or not, just wanted to mention it in case that was part of the equation. I hope that helps!
Community Moderator
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Re: T410 giving Fan Error

hitting esc simply bypasses the error, The fan still doesn't work, so you are likely to cook something expensive
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Re: T410 giving Fan Error

Hej, did you fix your fan error problem by replacing the fan?


My fan is working every second time I turn the machine on.


Seem to work better when you use the computer and not let it 'rest'....