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Weird issue.  I can type faster than my T410 keyboard can handle.  I type some words super-fast because I'm so used to typing them.  I am coming from a T61 that doesn't have this problem.  For example, if I type ping I get: ipgn or gni or pgni or pg or pgni... Another example is when I try and type a ? ... Instead I get / when I go fast.


I'm not experiencing this on my externally attached keyboard though the docking station. My T61 is fine, we have a X200 that is also fine.


Any ideas?



These symptoms could manifest on some early T410 units.


First, ensure your BIOS has been upgraded to version 1.15 or later.  Visit the support site and download and install the latest version. 


If the BIOS update does not resolve the issue, remove and reseat the keyboard checking to ensure the cable is properly seated on the system board connector and has not been pinched or abraided.


Contact service within warranty if the keyboard needs to be replaced.


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