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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎08-20-2010
Location: Alexandria, VA
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T410 keyboard randomly stops working

Running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise edition and recently started having issues where the laptop keyboard stops working.  Mouse still works so it's possible to shutdown and reboot, but without connecting a USB keyboard there's no way to continue typing.


Rebooting and I'm back up and operational.


Looked in the error logs and don't see anything that would make me think that there's an issue (if someone can point me to what it should be) so I'm perplexed.


Just started happening this past week and I'm uncertain of any updates that have been pushed.


Thoughts? Anyone?

Punch Card
Posts: 55
Registered: ‎05-19-2010
Location: LA
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Re: T410 keyboard randomly stops working

Hi Usher,


Check your UltraNav driver. If it is (latest as of Aug 23), it is likely that this driver cause the strange behavior of Trackpad/Trackpoint and Keyboard. I too had this problem after the updates.


All you need to do in that case is to revert back to older ( version, which is working properly!



Blue Screen Again
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎08-20-2010
Location: Alexandria, VA
0 Kudos

Re: T410 keyboard randomly stops working

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work.


Further, the issue occurs on both the X201 and W510.


Using the 14.0.18 driver still has the issue of the keyboard randomly stop taking inputs while running Windows 7. If using with PGP Disk or TrueCrypt, the BIOS level password still takes keyboard input, but Windows itself does not - very frustrating.


Newest BIOS available in use across all machines.