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T410 motherboard replacement?

I was recently caught in a sudden rain storm biking to school with my laptop in my backpak. Needless to say, my laptop got wet and has not worked since. I made the mistake of turning on my laptop before it was completely dry but it didn't so much as flicker. My warrenty has also expired (though, I doubt it would have covered this). 


I've brought it to the local computer diagnostic place and they told me that there was no hope and that, most likely, my motherboard needed to be replaced.  


I really like the laptop and would like to salvage it if possible. My question is, it I replace the motherboard will the laptop work again?

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Re: T410 motherboard replacement?

Hi nlinklat and welcome to the Community,


That's a good question.


When water gets inside a laptop, components and contacts get corroded.  There's really no way to tell what else got damaged from the water.  You could put a new board in there and it might work fine, and then a week later quit again because another component was damaged from the rain and quit.


You could try taking out the hard drive, ram chips, wireless card, and the battery, and holding the power button down for about  30 seconds to drain any capacitance. Then plug in just the ac adapter and see if it gives you any beep codes. 


If it does, put in just one ram chip and see if it turns on and goes to the splash screen.


Doing this is probably a long shot, but it just might work.



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Re: T410 motherboard replacement?

When I get water damaged laptops the first thing I do is remove the keyboard, bezel, RAM, HDD, CD/DVD etc and let everything lay out and dry for 24 hours minimum. I put everything back together and hope for the best. 


The odds come out to around 70/30 - 60/40 in favor of the unit working again. 


If the unit still comes up dead there's still a good chance the CPU sruvived ok. It's protected rather well by the CPU Fan/Heatsink.


At first glance the system boards for the T410 run around $400 - $450

Hit up eBay you might find a cheap system with a broken LCD


Depends on how much you want to invest or if you think the $$$ is best used towards a brand new laptop.



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Re: T410 motherboard replacement?

Thank you both for your replies. They were extremly helpful. I will try to figure something out. I really like my think pad.



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