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Blue Screen Again
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T410's White screen

I have a brand new t410, had it for a few weeks and now i have a white screen as soon as i power it on. The laptop works with an external monitor without any issues. Do you guys know of anything that might cause this problem.


PS: i tapped the back side of the laptop with the monitor half way closed and i got the screen to come back on. It keeps going to white from time to time and i finally called lenovo support to get it repaired.



Just posting so if others have the same issue, they dont have suck a hard time looking for info like me..

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Re: T410's White screen

this usually means either a connection problem or the LCD controller has gone bad. Call warranty support. 


Jin Li

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Re: T410's White screen

We have a T410 2516-CTO that had the exact same issue.  A "technician" came out and replaced the display (and added a few scratches to the case).


We now have a T410s 2901-CTO with a white stripe running vertically down the screen.  I will be contacting Lenovo support shortly.

We are in the process of rolling out five T410, fifteen T410s and four T510 ThinkPads.  I hope this "white screen" issue is not a common occurrence with the T41x ThinkPads!

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Re: T410's White screen

I work as a tech for an organization that is issuing over a thousand t400's and t410's. This is a constant issue and we have had to have the motherboards replaces on all of these machines in order to resolve the vertical stripe down the screen that you speak of. This is a horrible issue with a very high failure rate. I am in Haiti now and i have to contact Lenovo and get them to come down and fix 6 machines out of the 25 i have issued.

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