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Some T410 ThinkPads could exhibit symptoms whereby the screen appears 'dithered' even though it is in 32-bit color mode. It appears that this is a result of the hardware screen not displaying at the right color depth (number of discrete colors).


By this I mean that the gradient picture on this page has bands, whereas it should not - the discrete stepping should be inperceptible at 32-bit level. Also note how the boxes at change as the gamma level is changed in the Windows Display Calibration wizard.


A potentially related issue was reported on the T400 here (but on ATI hardware):


My configuration is Lenovo ThinkPad T410 2522-K4U with Windows 7 64-bit. This has an NVIDIA NVS 3100M.

The issue was solved with the June 23rd update "Thinkpad Video Features (NVIDIA Quadro NVS/FX) for Windows 7 64-bit", but the issues returned with a Windows Update June 24. Argh.



As an interim solution, re-installing the drivers from the Thinkvantage System Update cache worked, although it is now not consistent with the NVIDIA latest driver.


The installer is at  C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\System Update\session\6md636ww


(NOTE: version is the one you want)


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this problem has been mentioned in the forums several times:


using is not a solution at all since there is no CUDA and there are issues with Firefox/WebGL. i am very disappointed that lenovo is not able to push a proper update for their drivers within 9(!) months.


further my observations:

- using current nvidia drivers (eg. 275.50) does not fix the problem either

- problem does not occur on external monitor (connected via VGA or DP->DVI)

- i would not call this dithering as gradient banding is a more accurate term


//an admin may want to add the links to the references list.


This site is so messed up that even your link to the driver is now busted. now points to the latest driver and it doesn't fix the banding issue.


Yeah, with redirected links everywhere this has been a huge pain in the butt.


I have the same problem on my T510 4313-CTO (non-Optimus 3100m; 1920x1080 screen), and through some Google-Fu I've found a way to install those old drivers.  If you go to the following folder:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\System Update\session\6md636ww 


You'll find the driver setup which fixes the problem, and the other session folders have the setup for all the other versions.  I don't know what is fixe in the newer ones but there's no way I am ever going to use a driver that doesn't do the dithering right.  I'm not too happy about this at all as I've spent hours searching for a fix.

This site is so messed up that even your link to the driver is now busted. 





Same problem with my T410.


I found the version of the nvidia driver here:


Smooth gradients are finally back.


I have the same problem with T410 2522RT6 and Windows 7 64-bit!

The 6md636ww driver can be found here:


And the issue haven't been fixed until now!