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T410 screen dithering symptoms with Windows 7


Some T410 ThinkPads could exhibit symptoms whereby the screen appears 'dithered' even though it is in 32-bit color mode. It appears that this is a result of the hardware screen not displaying at the right color depth (number of discrete colors).


By this I mean that the gradient picture on this page http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/gradient.php has bands, whereas it should not - the discrete stepping should be inperceptible at 32-bit level. Also note how the boxes at http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/gradient.php change as the gamma level is changed in the Windows Display Calibration wizard.


A potentially related issue was reported on the T400 here (but on ATI hardware):



My configuration is Lenovo ThinkPad T410 2522-K4U with Windows 7 64-bit. This has an NVIDIA NVS 3100M.

The issue was solved with the June 23rd update "Thinkpad Video Features (NVIDIA Quadro NVS/FX) for Windows 7 64-bit", but the issues returned with a Windows Update June 24. Argh.



As an interim solution, re-installing the drivers from the Thinkvantage System Update cache worked, although it is now not consistent with the NVIDIA latest driver.


The installer is at  C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\System Update\session\6md636ww

and http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?LegacyDocID=MIGR-75176

(NOTE: version is the one you want)


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hauns On 2011-07-03, 16:08 PM

this problem has been mentioned in the forums several times:




using is not a solution at all since there is no CUDA and there are issues with Firefox/WebGL. i am very disappointed that lenovo is not able to push a proper update for their drivers within 9(!) months.


further my observations:

- using current nvidia drivers (eg. 275.50) does not fix the problem either

- problem does not occur on external monitor (connected via VGA or DP->DVI)

- i would not call this dithering as gradient banding is a more accurate term


//an admin may want to add the links to the references list.

ThorsHammer On 2011-07-06, 19:44 PM

This site is so messed up that even your link to the driver is now busted. 


http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?LegacyDocID=MIGR-75176 now points to the latest driver and it doesn't fix the banding issue.

BlackbeardBen On 2011-07-17, 5:12 AM

Yeah, with redirected links everywhere this has been a huge pain in the butt.


I have the same problem on my T510 4313-CTO (non-Optimus 3100m; 1920x1080 screen), and through some Google-Fu I've found a way to install those old drivers.  If you go to the following folder:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\System Update\session\6md636ww 


You'll find the driver setup which fixes the problem, and the other session folders have the setup for all the other versions.  I don't know what is fixe in the newer ones but there's no way I am ever going to use a driver that doesn't do the dithering right.  I'm not too happy about this at all as I've spent hours searching for a fix.

This site is so messed up that even your link to the driver is now busted. 


haben On 2011-07-20, 22:53 PM



Same problem with my T410.


I found the version of the nvidia driver here:


Smooth gradients are finally back.

clippit On 2011-10-08, 4:46 AM

I have the same problem with T410 2522RT6 and Windows 7 64-bit!

The 6md636ww driver can be found here:



And the issue haven't been fixed until now!


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