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T410 type 2516-A11 multiple monitor (and cleaning service) question

Hi guys,

I have the above mentioned model. I want to verify my understanding (from reading the forums) is correct regarding the multiple monitor setup.

  1. This model is NOT capable of  running 2 external displays + 1 internal laptop display  all at the same time. I checked the BIOS and i dont see any mention of  nvidia.  Is there any way i can get 3 monitors all displaying at same time without purchasing a dock-3 ?  I am considering simply buying another laptop (about $300 for a cheap one)  instead of spending money  on the dock. After all, this laptop is getting old and i need to get ready for some kind of  unrecoverable  crash. (I do not backup stuff, for lack of time and stuff is not work related).
  2. The second question is on cleaning this laptop. After running 15 hrs a day,  all days of the week, for past  2 and half  years, this laptop has impressed me with its stability.  But i had to buy a laptop cooler to hold the bottom of the laptop because it started getting hot and crashing on me every 2 days (because i run video intense app for much of the time).  I am planning to take it to local fry's electronics for taking it apart and getting a good internal cleanup done on this.  Is there any precautions i should mention to the fry's  technician ?  I am planning to backup important files, just in case the laptop dies after that.  Would like to hear any stories (good or bad) after a cleaning  service on  T410 model.

Thanks in advance; i am planning to get this machine rejuvinated during this christmas break.



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