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T410 with OS as Win 7, after reformatting/recovery it updated the OS to XP..

Hello everyone,


I'm new to this forum and I have done this recovery for the first time and I'm in great trouble, please help.


I bought my Lenovo Thinkpad T410 in 08/2010 and I did the reformatting/recovery last night and observed that it updated the OS as Win XP instead of Win 7.I followed all the instructions and used the correct cd's when it prompted for.


I wonder what went wrong, has any one faced same issue? And any tips will be greatly appreciated to update my OS to Win 7 again.


Thanks in advance for your time,


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Re: T410 with OS as Win 7, after reformatting/recovery it updated the OS to XP..

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Hello and welcome,


Sounds like this machine was purchased with Win 7 installed and the optional XP downgrade media included.  If you purchased direct from Lenovo or authorized reseller. If someone else installed Win 7, who knows..


IIRC, that was an available option in the period when customers were resistant to giving up XP - at least that was true in the VIsta days.  My T400 came that way.  With Lenovo laptops, it's expected that you will burn your own recover media set for the installed OS.  The only reason you had any media shipped is due to the dual-OS purchase option.  I think...


Take a good look at your CD/DVD set.  Do they say "XP"?


If you didn't burn a '7 recovery set, you'll have to purchase same from Lenovo.  They _might_ give you a set - I can't speak for them, but it's worth a call.


Alternatively, if you have a Win 7 license key on the bottom of your machine (or in the battery compartment) or supplied with the docs, you can install a MS Win 7 and activate with that license.  May require a phone call.


If you go that way, install ThinkVantage System Update and let it pull down all the Lenovo stuff.

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