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T410i with defective screen which Lenovo refuses to fix (or even discuss)

I purchased a T410i just over a year ago. Within a week of recieving it, the screen cracked. I called, sent it back to Lenovo and they fixed it as the acknowledged it was not a user caused break. Now, exactly 14 days past the end of my warrenty, it has happened again. This time, Support refuses to escalate the call, has cancelled the ticket, will not put a supervisor on the phone, and tried to tell me there is no one who will take my complaint. They have said that a "cracked screen is not Lenovo's problem". I refuse to believe this is true as they have already fixed it once. The two names I have from the Support line are Mikala and Francois, both of whom did not help. Francois was incredibl rude and patronizing.


Who can I call or get in contact with in order to have this resolved. The issue with the screen originates below the actual screen and cannot be caused be the user. Two weeks past a the warrenty when I have already had this problem with the machine once before should not make a difference.

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Re: T410i with defective screen which Lenovo refuses to fix (or even discuss)

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Keep at it anyway.

But this is a problem with no phone numbers published for a major company or office. Just an offshore support # with few if any knowledgeable people on the other end.

Check the warranty service depot in the area that do warranty work for Lenovo. There are a lot in your area. Contact then directly, dealing with a dealer gives you a lot more clout in handling service issues and if you have the repair info from before even better. I believe Data Ingretity is one in your area and is a good organization. Call !!


Addition post added: You'll need to find out what is causing the crack. Normally a faulty assemble of the panel area or pressure from some point would have cause it again a lot sooner. Unless you rarely travel or use it portably. It will happen again if its not identified!!!!

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