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What's DOS?
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T410s Bios Update Gone Wrong

I hoping someone can direct me to a fix for this issue.  Seems to me I can't be the only one having this particular issue.


I downloaded the windows bios update utility and proceeded to update the BIOS.  The utility ran for 10 minutes and it just hung there.  Eventually I ended up rebooted the computer and once I did that the computer would not start again.


One long been and two short beeps and this indicates a system board failure.



Here is what I did;


1. Updated bios in windows

2. Computer would not start

3. Unplugged power and removed battery

4. Held power for multiple 30 seconds

5. Disconnected battery under the keyboard (waited two hours before trying again)


Any advice is very much appreciated.





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Re: T410s Bios Update Gone Wrong

You could try the tech support line if there is a work around.

However in Windows you ran the update. Did it go through the checked in the programs window and then start flashing which is the last item before if indicated its finished.
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Re: T410s Bios Update Gone Wrong

If the machine is still under warranty call Lenovo and tell them that the BIOS update killed the motherboard. It might or might not get you where you need to be.


In case of an expired warranty, you're on your own an the motherboard replacement is going to be on you...


Good luck.



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