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T410s Disconnecting/Reconnecting


I have a fairly new T410s that's been working just fine, until recently. A few nights ago, I noticed my wireless Internet kept disconnecting and then reconnecting without reason. Can anyone tell me in layman's terms what's wrong and how to fix it?



To resolve cycling wifi drops / reconnects:


Try this, launch ThinkVantage Power Manager -> Switch to Advanced mode -> Click Advanced Settings -> Scroll down and set "Maximum Performance" in "Wireless adapter settings" -> Press OK then exit. 


 launch power manager.png

Next, go to the device manager, select your wifi card -> go to Properties -> and set "Transmit Power" to maximum, and "Roaming Aggressiveness" to lowest setting.   Aggressive roaming settings can cause the card to try to switch access points in environments where there are many wifi networks present - often in office buildings with multiple businessness on same floor, or in apartment buildings.  Increased transmit power can help with some trade off for run time on battery.


transmit power.jpg







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