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T410s: Graphic driver stops working and turns to black screen after driver update


I was searching for solutions to improve the battery life. The display issues happened after my upgrade of all kind of drivers on my T410s using the Lenovo toolbox.


I chose to update all the "important" updates and some of the optional ones that I thought might have an effect on the battery life (BIOS update, Intel HD graphics driver, ThinkPad Power Management driver and few others)

Since then I have experienced a graphic breakdown several times when I watch video online such as
thedailyshow.com or youtube.com.


The first time a got a message about the graphics driver (or something like that) had stopped working and was restored but the following second the breakdown would repeat itself. The monitor would go black and the graphics would slowly start reappearing,


I would again get a message about the graphics driver and the next second the monitor would again turn black and so on.


The only way to break the cycle is to restart the computer and then everything works fine until I watch another video.


I have tried to uninstall the HD driver and reinstalled it (both reinstalled the one from Lenovo and Intel), and it still does not work.


How do i get this issue sorted out?


In this case, the user's machine issue was probably caused by an incomplete update done automatically via the Lenovo Toolbox. In this instance you will need to uninstall the graphics driver and reinstall from the link below which should fix the issue.




See the fixs log for different version of drivers:



  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where graphics driver might crash when watching YouTube videos.




  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where Adobe Flash Player 10.3 running on IE9 and Windows 7 does not work properly.

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