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Paper Tape
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T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

Work purchased a T410s for $1700 in August for me.


LCD vertical band issue within 3 months (4 days of downtime)

Shift key doesn't work well within 6 months (40 days of annoyance)

Palmrest cracking at 7th month. (?)

I'll be lucky if this POS works after a year.


This is my last Thinkpad ever.  My T43 is in better condition to this day than paperweight.  The T43 battery wear is only at 80%.  The battery wear on this T410s is at 87% and I stop charging at 80%, start charging below 50%, never drain it below 20%.


I call tech support and asked for a new palm rest so I can just replace them myself and they told me I had to send it in to see if it's even "covered" under warranty.  I need this for WORK and hence it would completely negate the purpose of the purchase of a business laptop.  I was going to purchase two more for two new employees that we hired but these policies and issues completely reversed all feelings I have about Thinkpads.  


Lenovo, you can only milk the brand for so long before you lose loyal customers like me.

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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

The T410s is known to be problematic. The T410 and T510 don't suffer from LCD or palmrest issues.
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Lenovo Staff
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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever


You could check with them if you could send them a picture of the crack then ask them to send you the palm rest?

If they were to reject that suggestion, then appreciate if you could provide me the following then I will assist you to escalate this issue up to customer relations for their assistance.

PM me if want to send info below.

Date of Purchase:
Case ID if have:


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Blue Screen Again
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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

[ Edited ]

Well I just got off the phone with them and they are sending me a new palmrest.  Had a problem with the keyboard a few weeks ago and they sent me a new one of those two (took 10 minutes to put it in).  They have excellant instruction sheets and video on how to do this and seemed very accomadating to me. 


Disappointing that I had to fix this, but tech support was great and they offered me the option of doing the repair myself or sending it in.  I'm sure this'll go pretty smoothly too.


UPDATE! Jan 23 2012:   Everything went smoothly and I have had no further problems (I'm on my 410s as I write this). 

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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

Hi dsx724

Hopefully your T410s is fine after this 3 incident. If it keeps failing, they could probably change a T420s, T430s (if next year) or other equivalent / higher machines for you.

I believe some other brands also have certain models with a lot of problems and the next release solve the issues.
(e.g. Epson TX110 have flaws, TX120 was released to solve following issues)

It would depends on your luck also, some machines are great, but customers are unlucky to get a lemon set. W510 failed me badly, but W520 serves me well. Anyway, I realized laptop have more driver, bios, etc. issues compared to workstation and desktop. 


Cheers :smileyvery-happy:


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What's DOS?
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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever



So my T410S has the same issue.  I have called tech support and they say it is aesthetics and the do not replace these.


How were you able to get a replacement?  Let me know.





Bit Torrent
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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

pa555555 wrote:



So my T410S has the same issue.  I have called tech support and they say it is aesthetics and the do not replace these.


How were you able to get a replacement?  Let me know.





Whoever you spoke with is full of it.  I just replaced the palmrest on a T410s last week via warranty support.  You are under warranty, correct?

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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

Call warranty again and speak to a different tech.

Jin Li

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What's DOS?
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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

I just found a crack in my T520 laptop case ...on the keyboard side in the lower left corner right below where they put the "Intel Inside", "Windows 7" and "Lenovo Enhanced Experience" stickers.  Even though the machine is only 4 months old and the crack was not caused by dropping it or any abuse of any kind, my "Enhanced Experience" with Lenovo customer service was to be told that this is a "cosmetic problem"  not covered by my warranty.  When I asked to speak to a supervisor, Derick told me that I could send it in to be repaired, but, I would be charged for the repair work.


This should absolutely be covered by the warranty since it is obviously a defective part or a defect in the manufacturing process but I seem to be getting nowhere with Lenovo customer service.  Does anybody on this forum have any ideas on how I can either 1) escalate this problem to someone at Lenovo who actually wants to stand by their product quality and back their warranty, or 2) send me URLs to all of the Thinkpad consumer ratings sites so that I can warn others not to buy Lenovo products because of their bad product quality, their worthless warranty, and their uncaring customer service?

Punch Card
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Re: T410s Palmrest Crack - Last Thinkpad Ever

I too have the same problem with my T410s.  There are cracks in three different locaiton on the palm rest.  The tech support told me that "cosmetic" damage is not under warrantee.  The customer service is terrible.  I have always been a loyal Thinkpad user since 1993.  Those 700's models where study and very reliable.  


My company bought 4 new t420 and have various issues with them. I have lost complete confidence in the Thinkpad brand.